Maintenance is at the core of every successfully functioning website. It’s also at the core of our business. We offer website maintenance that is multifaceted. We offer a monthly maintenance package that will provide you with continuous monitoring of your website and keep the WordPress version and all plugins up-to-date. Once you are on our plan, your site is plugged into a monitoring schedule. Every month, our technician will go through the files on your site and make sure that all of the files are backed up and then updated to current versions. This ensures that all functions are working and if there are any issues, we work to resolution.

When your site is built, we add an analytics function which will provide you with information about the traffic on your site, including such details as where site visitors are located, what pages/posts are being viewed, as well as many other important data. We work to stay up-to-date in our knowledge of search engines and how they rank sites. This is not a perfect science, as the algorithms are constantly being changed, we can with a certain amount of expertise, be able to keep your site updated to keep your site moving up in search engine rankings and maintain that ranking to the best of our ability.