New Site Launch!

Welcome! I’m so excited that you’re here and I hope you’ll follow along in our adventure. What’s the adventure you ask? I’m a new business owner, local to northern Nevada, and located in Reno. I’ve lived in Reno for nearly 40 years, and grew up in Northern California just 85 miles from Reno. So it’s safe to say that I’m a “local”.

If you don’t live here, you should know that being considered a “local” or native Nevadan is high honor. Since our community is a highly transient community, many people who live here, didn’t start here. This is not a bad thing. What it means is that Reno is growing rapidly. With the Great Recession behind us, we are starting to see new houses popping up all over along with new companies and existing companies who made it through the recession are being revitalized. Northern Nevada was chosen by Tesla Motors as their home to a new facility. This has brought excitement and promise to the businesses in Reno/Sparks. You can watch the announcement from September 2014 made by Nevada’s Governor Sandoval here. This is proof that we are coming back from what was the worst economic recession since the Great Depression between December 2007 and June 2009. It’s an exciting time in our area as Reno/Sparks was hit especially hard. Our unemployment figures were among the highest in the country.

So what better time to start a new company! The tech industry is also experiencing great growth here, so it’s only logical that we would chose to enter that market. I hope you’ll sign up to follow my blog. I plan to update monthly and more often as I get the hang of writing to you. Some topics I plan to explore include how to improve SEO on your website, how to keep content fresh and new, as well as many other ideas I have rambling around in my head.

Sign up for my blog updates to make sure you receive new posts. Thanks for taking the time to read through my note to you, and hope to hear from you in the future!

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